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Treaties, Conventions
and other International Agreements
of the Kingdom of Hawai`i

US United States of America, December 23rd, 1826 (Treaty)
UK Great Britain, November 13th, 1836 (Lord E. Russell's Treaty)
UKFrance Britain and France, November 28th, 1843 (Declaration recognizing Hawaii's independence)
France France, July 17th, 1839 (Captain LaPlace's Convention)
France France, March 26th, 1846 (Treaty)
UK Great Britain, March 26th, 1846 (Treaty)
Denmark Denmark, October 19th, 1846 (Treaty)
Hamburg Hamburg, January 8th, 1848 (Treaty)
DenmarkHamburg Agreement Touching Consular Notices (Danish and Hamburg Treaties), January 25th, 1848
US United States of America, December 20th, 1849 (Treaty)
SwedenNorway Sweden and Norway, July 1, 1852 (Treaty)
Tahiti, November 24th, 1853
Bremen Bremen, March 27th, 1854 (Treaty)
France France, September 8th, 1858 (Treaty)
Belgium Belgium, October 4th, 1862 (Treaty)
Netherlands Netherlands, October 16th, 1862 (Treaty)
Italy Italy, July 22nd, 1863 (Treaty)
Spain Spain, October 9th, 1863 (Treaty)
Swiss Swiss Confederation, July 20th, 1864 (Treaty)
Russia Russia, June 19th, 1869 (Treaty)
Japan Japan, August 17th, 1871 (Treaty)
New South Wales New South Wales, March 10th, 1874 (Postal Convention)
US United States of America, January 30th, 1875 (Reciprocity Treaty)
German German Empire, 1879-80 (Treaty)
Portugal Portugal, May 5, 1882 (Provisional Convention)
US United States of America, September 11, 1883 (Postal Convention)
US United States of America, December 6, 1884 (Supplementary Convention)
Hong Kong Hong Kong, December 13th, 1884 (Money Order Regulations)
Universal Postal Union, March 21st, 1885 (Additional Act of Lisbon)
Japan Japan, January 28th, 1886 (Convention)
Universal Postal Union, November 9th, 1886 (Ratification)
Samoa Samoa, March 20th, 1887 (Treaty)

Treaty map