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Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague
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Issue of Hawaiian Nationality Brought to Global Level

Press Release from The Hawaiian News
December 6, 2000

by Kai`ulani Edens

The Hague, Netherlands--Oral Hearings began today in the case of Lance Paul Larsen vs. The Hawaiian Kingdom. Attorney for the Claimant, Ninia Parks presented arguments before the Arbitral Tribunal on the issues of Jurisdiction and Admissability--does the World Court have the authority to proceed in this dispute without US participation.

Professor James Crawford, President of the Tribunal, said today in order for the case to proceed Ms. Parks must establish the jurisdiction of the World Court for any determinations to be more than hypothetical.

The members of the Arbitral Tribunal, Professor James Crawford, Queen's Council, President of the Tribunal, Professor Christopher Greenwood, QC, Associate Arbitrator, and Mr. Gavan Griffith, QC, Associate Arbitrator, were asked to determine whether the rights of Lance Larsen under International Law are being violated; if so whether he has redress against the Hawaiian Kingdom through its Acting Council of Regents.

In a courtroom filled with observers from Hawai`i, this afternoon Ms. Parks argued that Larsen's denial of entry to the Netherlands two days ago emphasizes the global impact of this case.

Larsen, who was sent back to San Francisco by Dutch immigration officials after attempting to enter the Netherlands by presenting a Hawaiian Kingdom passport, attended today's hearing via teleconferencing.

The Arbitration, which continues tomorrow, will allow legal council for the Hawaiian Kingdom to present their arguments.

Members of the Acting council of Regency for the Hawaiian Kingdom are: David Keanu Sai, Acting Minister of the Interior; Peter Umialiloa Sai, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs; Gary. V. Dubin, Esquire, Acting Attorney General; Kau`i P. Goodhue, Acting Minister of Finance; Alvin Ka`ohu Nishimura, Esquire; and Blaine Bissen, Tech Support.

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Synopsis   History "Lance Paul Larsen vs. the Hawaiian Kingdom"
Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague
News   Arbitral Log