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Hawaiian National Refused Entry into the Netherlands

Press Release from The Hawaiian News
December 6, 2000

by Kai`ulani Edens

Amsterdam--On Tuesday, December 6, Dutch Immigration Officials at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam denied Hawaiian National Lance Paul Larsen, who is the claimant in a historic case being heard this week at the Permanent court of arbitration at the Hague, Netherlands.

Larsen, a resident of the Island of Hawaii, represented by attorney Ninia Parks, was scheduled to present arguments to the Arbitral Tribunal beginning o n December 7.

The dispute in arbitration stems from a federal lawsuit in which Larsen accused both defendants, the U.S. and the Hawaiian Kingdom of violating their 1849 Treaty of Commerce, Friendship, and Navigation by allowing U.S.domestic law to be imposed upon the territorial dominion of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

The findings of the Arbitral Tribunal will determine whether on the basis of International law if Larsen's rights as a Hawaiian National are being violated.

Issues that will consequently be determine throughout the proceedings will include the questions of the Hawaiian Kingdom as Nation State, Hawaiian Nationality, Hawaiian Domestic law, the validity of Annexation, International Treaty violations, and International laws of Occupation.Larsen, who stated that he had anticipated problems clearing customs, chose not to use an American passport and instead presented to Dutch authorities a Hawaiian Kingdom Passport along with a Global Citizen Passport issued by the World Service Authority, of Washington D.C.

"Using a U.S. passport would have compromised my case," Larsen said.

Dutch Immigration Officer Marc Vossen indicated that both documents were not on their list of recognized passports and denied Larsen entry into their country.

Voss then ordered him returned to the continental U.S., and ironically, in written documents identified him as being "American".

Also refused entrance to the Netherlands were his wife, Kawehi Kanui, Kahu TeRangi Ruwhiu, and Kaliko Kanaele, Big Island Hawaiian nationals who also travelled with Worl Service Passports.

Ninia Parks will proceed with the Claimant's Oral Hearing on December 7 as scheduled.

Phyllis Hamilton, Clerk of the Permanent Court of Arbitration indicated that Mr. Larsen would be able to attend via teleconferencing upon his arrival in Honolulu.

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Synopsis   History "Lance Paul Larsen vs. the Hawaiian Kingdom"
Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague
News   Arbitral Log