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February 29, 2000

Christopher Greenwood
Professor of International Law
Essex Court Chambers
24 Lincoln's Innh Fields
London, England WC@A 3ED

Telephone No.: 011-44-1718138000
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   Re: Larsen v. Hawaiian Kingdom, Arbitral Proceedings, Permanent Court of Arbitration

Dear Mr. Greenwood:

   As appointing authority in this international arbitration proceeding I am pleased to transmit this message. Pursuant to our conversation early this morning I am writing to confirm our discussion.

   I inquired into whether you may be interested in serving as one of three arbitrators in this proceeding. You responded by stating that you would be delighted to serve as an arbitrator in this matter. I stated that I would communicate that message to the parties.

   I agreed to send confirmation of our conversation, to advise the parties of your interest in serving, and to refer you to a website that will assist you in getting familiar with this case at:

   You will be referred to an arbitral log from which you can click on the pleadings and correspondence pertaining to this proceeding. We ask that you review this material carefully and direct your attention to the 1/25/2000 Special Agreement which amends the original issue to be presented.

   Currently, the specific issue before the arbitral tribunal is on the basis of the Hague Conventions IV and V of 18 October 1907, and the rules and principles of international law, whether the rights of the Claimant under international law as a Hawaiian subject are being violated, and if so, does he have any redress against the Respondent Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom?

   I advised you that all expenses would be covered by the parties hereto; that your fees would be negotiated with the parties.

   I further advised on the tentative timetable for submissions to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) as follows:

Timeframe: 4/25 memorials
6/10 counter-memorials
7/10 oral hearings (estimated one week)

   There are other matters that you should be aware of including the fact that the amount of $20,000.00 has already been deposited at International Bureau at the Hague to cover upfront expenses for this proceeding.

   On an historical note, in 1843 at the Court of London, the countries of Great Britain, Ireland and France recognized the Hawaiian Kingdom as an Independent State and admitted same into the family of nations.

   Finally, the respondent will be raising the example of the German-Belgium mixed arbitral tribunal held after WWI and intends to show parallels to the United States-Hawaiian Kingdom situation.

   Please contact me if you have any questions at (808) 261-4751, or at



Synopsis   History "Lance Paul Larsen vs. the Hawaiian Kingdom"
Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague
News   Arbitral Log